December 1, 2015


Some of our 2017/2018 events

# Roots Event Calendar

Current Events.  Sign up now or inquire:

Strictly tactical with guest instructor Josafath Herrera- May 2018

Roots Winter Internship: February 5 – May 5, 2018

EPST 1: date TBA

Breathwork: date TBA

Past Events.  Inquire about 2018 events:

Executive Protective Services Training (JTFSecurity)

Summer Masterclass

Locks, Glocks, and Cuffs

Roots Spring Internship

Self-defence 101

Kids Intro to Archery

Systema Knife

Systema Health and Empowerment

Kid’s seminar series schedule:

Kids First aid

Kids Anti Bullying & Self Defence

Kids Orienteering

Kids Bow Making

Kids Intro to Archery