Health and Wellness

The ancient healing art of systema has been around for thousands of years, originally it was formed by Warriors returning to their homes from great battles to defend their homes from great invading armies pillaging and burning their ways across the countryside.

These ancient Warriors we’re not career soldiers they were Farmers Healers and Carpenters who belonged to communities that lived off the land across the vast countryside, it was imperative for the greater survival of their tribe that they return to their families and communities with bodies and Minds healthy and unbroken by the tribulations of War, over hundreds of years a culture grew of Warriors coming together in sacred spaces has they journeyed home across vast distances, which gave a rare opportunity for different healing practices separated by great Geographic distances to be combined together, over time this body of knowledge was gathered and became known as the systema Healing Arts.

Our ancient healing practice has specific techniques for all the major systems of the body.

– Skeletal System

Everything is stacked on top of our skeletal system, if one vertebrae or joint is out of alignment it will affect all other systems in the body.

spinal realignment and Joint freeing techniques are the main aspects we focus on when caring for this important body system.

– Muscular System

Our minds play a big part in the disharmony often seen in the muscular system, habitual thought processes and unconscious repetitive movements cause our bodies to create unhealthy tension holding patterns, the associated muscle group become constantly tense due to psychological and physiological stress, this tension leads to knots in our muscles which restricts blood flow and leads to many underlined health concerns.

When working with this important body system we focus on opening the channels for blood to circulate to areas that have restricted blood flow due to injury and or daily tension focusing on relaxing and helping the patient to connect with their breathing and heart rhythm so they may consciously direct blood flow and affect their blood pressure to optimize the overall health and bring deep relaxation to the body.

– Lymphatic System

This crucial body system has become overtaxed in the modern world we are being bombarded by so many toxins from our food to water and the air.

the lymphatic system does not have a pump of its own like the circulatory system instead it realize on the rhythmic bouncing of running and long walks to circulate, gather and remove toxins from all corners of our bodies.

unfortunately in the modern world we spend far too much time sitting causing the lymphatic system to become blocked.

to bring healing to this important body system we search out and find these blockages in the lymphatic tubing, unravel them and manually circulate the lymphatic fluid to cleanse and activate this important body system which drastically impacts the capacity for all other systems of the body to operate optimally.

-Nervous System

We all go through traumatic events in life whether they are mental, physical or emotional these events combined with the rapid pace at which we live our lives in the modern world put overwhelming pressure on our nervous system.

A gentle nervous system massage resets of this vital system, through continual practice we retrain our nervous system to react with relaxation instead of tension.

– Respiratory System

A good lung cleanse at the changing of the seasons is highly beneficial, most people breathe at only 20% of there lung capacity.

we inhale particulates and toxins from our environment everyday and they get stuck in the lower cavity of our lungs, this stagnant air collects toxins over time the lungs create fluids to protect us from these toxins however the fluid builds up in the bottom of our lungs reducing once capacity to effectively process the air in each breath.

When working on bringing healing to this vital system we open cleanse and revitalize the lungs to remove this buildup of toxic and stagnant air which refreshes not just the lungs but all the systems of the body has a result.

– Visceral system

Oregon’s can hold tension similarly to the way muscles do over time these tension patterns in our organs leads to disbalances and disease, by massaging the organs in a specific order starting with the ones that hold the most blood to the ones that hold the least blood allows for toxins to be released and for the digestive system to function more effectively

when we released blockages in this system our daily energy levels increase and our minds can focus and process information more effectively this is because the lower gut and higher functions of the mind are directly connected.