December 3, 2015

Martial Leadership Program

Depicting Roots Dojo Prayer flags - Strung at the entrance of the path to the Dojo between 2 tree.

Roots Prayer Flags

We our proud to offer the only martial art leadership program taught outside the Armed Forces in North America.
We specialize in creating LEADERS- individuals who have acquired confidence, determination and the skills necessary to lead- be it in time of crisis, at work, at home, or on any given adventures.
We believe that leaders are made- they are taught the specifics of understanding human dynamics, the nature of conflict and imparted necessary resolution tools.

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Our program is made of several modules that need to be completed;  with discipline and arduous work, some can complete them in about 4 years.
The training is challenging,  certain modules are considered very difficult to some. Our instructors are trained to specifically guide and help students overcome difficulties, and acquire the skills necessary to do so.
Participants will be exposed to several different leadership styles, and their appropriate uses,  only later be put in more complex leadership roles as their understanding grows.
Not all student partake in the full program. Completion of the full Martial Leadership Program is reserved to students that display all attributes that good leaders must possess.

Students will learn about leadership roles, they will be taught how to overcome stress and the skills of learning to make decision under duress.  Asides from health and fitness practices, there will be martial arts, self defence, combatives, weapons handling, medical training, communication skills, Executive protection training, Incident command, and much more.

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