December 29, 2017

2018 Special Events

2018 Roots Dojo Special Events


SYSTEMA Knife Defense: Saturday March 3rd, 12-4pm, $50

A simple look at the reality of knife defense. 4 hours of awesome training. No frills, no non-sense.

Come and explore the nasty reality of knife defense. We will look at the psychology of a knife fight, distancing, disarming, force multipliers, escapes and evasions, static and dynamic work and the danger of knife in ground work.


Roots BootCamp: April 7, 12-4pm, $50
Denman Island, BC

Get sore, get your ass in gear.  Use this Bootcamp as a trampoline for the rest of the season.

In so many cases, the first step is the hardest. Little is truer than when it comes to motivating yourself, pushing hard, and facing discomfort.

The Roots Bootcamp will get you to push hard, in healthy, progressive, unconventional and challenging ways.  A much easier version of our Shogun challenge, our Bootcamp will challenge all your systems. If you are at the bottom of the ladder, it will jolt you into your ready position and, if you are fit, it will further propel you by challenging you in creative ways.


Professional Bodyguarding Course: May 7-12 2018
Developed by JTFCanada, taught at RootsDojo, Denman Island, BC

EPST1 is a unique 6 day bodyguarding course designed to teach the skills to perform and function optimally within the high demand and high stress environments of close protection operations.

The course is designed to prepare operators to perform both basic and advanced protective security details for domestic and international operations. Because of our unique training methodology, both veterans and rookies will greatly benefit from this course.

For more info, click here.


SYSTEMA Health and Empowerment: May 27, 12-4pm, $50

Give yourself a little spring tune-up with this special SYSTEMA health practices event. Topics will include psychological, emotional and spiritual cleansing practices, massage work, breath work and a fine tune up of your systems.

Come and learn the secrets of Russian Breathmasters, along with some of the various seasonal health practices for your spring tune-up.

Other events:


Spring SYSTEMA Intensive 2018: with guest instructor Josafath Herrera.  Click here for more information.

Summer SYSTEMA Intensive 2018: more information coming soon.