December 30, 2017

Roots Spring Intensive

With guest instructor Josafath Herrera: April 30-May 5, 2018

Cost TBA

Join Josafath Herrera and Vali Majd for a weekend of strictly tactical training at Roots Dojo, Denman Island.

Professor Herrera comes to us with a solid background in tactical spanning over 20 years. He has been responsible for training over 5000 police and SWAT officers in Mexico, and trained dozens of elite bodyguards dedicated to high profile details. A student of the KOGA system, Josafath is also a lead instructor in realistic scenario based training, and holds various certificates. He is also Latin America’s foremost Systema Instructor.  Today he continues to consult and teach various agencies and civilian groups both locally and internationally.

Vali Majd is the founder and director of both Roots Dojo, and JTFCanada based in British Columbia. He has developed several course and curricula for various agencies seeking safety, survival and tactical training for front line personnel. JTFSecurity, a branch of JTFCanada is a leading, hands-on security company licensed in British Columbia offering protective services, event security, asset protection along with patrol and static guards. Vali continues to train teach and operate in the field of security services on a daily basis.

The work presented and covered during this 4 day training camp is a very unique opportunity to explore  and refine various tactical approaches.