May 8, 2017

Roots Dojo Masterclass

A journey into the inner workings of the human potential.

5 days of Intense and insightful developmental training geared to Martial Artists, Athletes, Coaches, Sport Enthusiasts and Combat Professionals with two veteran and seasoned teachers.

August 23-27  2017, Denman Island BC
Space is limited.

Fight-Club Founder Emmanuel Manolokakis

Join Roots Dojo’s unique Masterclass this coming August with Fight-Club Founder, Emmanuel Manolokakis and Roots Dojo Founder, Vali Majd; a unique occasion,  a chance to further  optimize and enhance our understanding, abilities, potential and growth- this unique Masterclass is designed to propel you into the optimum version of yourself.

Regardless of your discipline, work, passion, or professional requirements, sooner or later we all find stagnation, limitations, fall into patterns and meet our inner nemesis – our fiercest competitor

Training smart, achieving results and goals, overcoming injuries and setbacks, discovering various pathways- finding the Roots of our limitations, the Masterclass is deigned to challenge your preconceived notions of where the Martial path leads, and help you over come them.

Roots Dojo Founder, Vali Majd

Best of all, you will learn how to skillfully share and help others become the “best version of themselves”.

What Emmanuel and Vali will share is the culmination of decades of working on themselves, and  countless hours of teaching, mentoring and helping others- be it fighters, athletes, coaches, teachers, military, police, security and other professionals.

So you think you can fight? Survive the unexpected? Function optimally under duress?  You think you are tapping into your full potential? Are you ready to face criticism and do the work in order to achieve growth?

Some of the topics covered in this years Masterclass:

– Creativity and confidence in life & training.

– The Human Potential & true Power.

– Taking decisive action under duress.

– Overcoming fear and trauma in the body as a whole.

– Recognizing and processing stress.

– Re-creation.

– Resilience & anti-fragility.

-Sensitivity and intuition.

Space is limited! Sign up today, and get ready to tackle to event of the year!