Our story began in 1999 with Vali Majd, founder of Roots (originally founded as Pacific Coast Systema). Vali started his martial practice at a young age with Judo and Tae kwon Do. He further continued his martial journey with some Wushu before coming across Russian Systema while living in Toronto, Canada. Later on, he trained under retired French Legionnaire Daniel Videau in ShoDoKai Karate and Viet Vo Dao. HIs travels took exposed him to Capoeira and Jeet Kun Do.  

Today, his approach is deeply grounded in the principles laid out by Mikhail Ryabko and Vladimir his Systema mentors who emphasizes on combat skill, strong spirit and healthy body. Other instructors and colleagues such as Emmanuel manolokakis and Konstantin Komarov have also been foundational in his approach to teaching.

 He has since mentored hundreds of students worldwide, bringing them the essence of Systema & Roots through movement, breath, relaxation and form.

Roots Dojo is not only known for it’s Intensive’s and Systema training but also for all the multidisciplinary classes that have been taught and practiced through the school such as Tai-Chi & Executive Protection courses and other specialty education and training. Since its creation, Roots has also gained multiple infrastructures such as an obstacle course, the Dojo itself, new outside training areas and more. 

At Roots Dojo, we strive to create a safe and welcoming environment for students of all levels, from beginners to experienced martial artists. Our goal is to provide tools for better understanding themselves and others, so that our students are better equipped to navigate the many challenges that throw our way- be they psychological, physical, emotional or spiritual in essence. We salute your decision to come study with us at Roots!