December 9, 2015

Wide Awake

Wide Awake
Date: TBA

A Woman’s journey towards Self-empowerment.

unnamed-12This workshop will explore the psychology of violence, strategies for understanding threats, focusing on situational awareness and prevention, body awareness, intuitive and verbal assertiveness, deescalation skills, self-defense methods and some tools help you better trust your instincts and intuition.

You will be given the tools to cleansen your psyche along with your emotional system from stress using breathe, movement and relaxation.

Learn to rise above your triggers, wounds and patterns, stay calm, and make good decisions under duress.

Matta has a background in counseling, mediation and conflict resolution. ¬†She facilitates Girls Groups in schools and has created and run youth programming and woman’s empowerment activities using art and community activism.

She comes from a background rich in girl power and feminism and seeks to encourage strength and resiliency in everyone, particularly woman and youth. She has been a student of Systema at Roots Dojo for several years.