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Systema Roots

Roots Dojo is one of the most unique Dojos. Our curriculum is extensive. Our training genuine. Our setting- priceless. No Frills no nonsense.


Based on the training of Russian Special Forces, our unique methodology have evolved from the teachings of Valdimir Vasiliev and Mikhail Ryabko, the founders of modern systema.


Roots Dojo offers unique opportunities for various organizations, agencies, sport teams, educational facilities and corporations to develop “Esprit de Corps” and build strong team dynamics.


There is far more to martial arts than kicking and punching. At Roots Dojo you will learn not only to stand your ground, but you will learn how to become leaders. Our Martial Leadership program is very unique and one of a kind.


So you think you can do it? 48 hours of non-stop challenges. Based on the brutal training of special forces. If you succeed, you will be a new person. Not for the light-hearted.

"No Frills, no non-sense, just pure, fun and exciting training"

About Roots

Live the dream- become who you are supposed to be. Learn to fight, heal, protect and overcome.
We have been creating healthy warriors since 1999.

Our unique school offers much more than Martial arts and self defence. Unlike many gyms, dojos, clubs and martial arts school, ours is a one of a kind educational facility where training is not an activity, but a way of life. The curriculum is complex- from health, conditioning, fitness, communications and close protection, to team work, martial history, philosophy, weapons, strategies, stealth, students will carefully and methodically be exposed to the vastness of conflict, violence, harmony and serenity all of which are part of the Warrior’s path. Along the way, our students learn skills that will stay with them while walking the face of this earth. Join us for a week, a month or a year. You will not regret it.

  • Martial Arts

    We teach every aspect of martial arts. A thorough study of conflict and violence. From deescalation skills to medical and trauma medicine, weapons, team work, healing, ground work, striking and much more.

  • Special Events

    Our special events such as our Internships, or intensives, weekend seminars or on-going training are much sought after. Come and find out why.

  • One-of-a-Kind

    Simply put, there are no other Dojos like it anywhere. From the incredible setting - tucked in the woods on a small Island in North Pacific, to a very unique curriculum, and an awesome team of instructors- we can safely say that Roots is in a league of its own.

  • incredible Instruction

    Roots Dojo, under the direction of Founder Vali Majd delivers top of the line unadulterated training, teaching and instruction. Our goal is to help each student individually reach their maximum potential in the shortest period of time.

"Learn skills and develop attributes that will stay with you for the rest of your life"

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