Authentic, Genuine and Unique Martial Training

Self Defence

We run, no nonsense Self Defence Programs to ensure your safety, and that of your loved ones, before, during and after a possible situation arises.

Martial Arts

Roots takes you back to the origins ofMartial Arts training before it was techniques, belts, choreographies and sports.

Healing work is a part of Roots dojo tradition. We offer a variety of programs focusing on health and the healing path.


Roots has plenty of programs preparing students and practitioners for the realities of violence. Students get to study this rarely treated topic.


About Roots

Roots Dojo has been in existence for over 20 years. We have developed and built a reputation for being an authentic martial arts school dedicated to the development and the study of the martial path. Our method of choice is rooted in the unique and specific practice of Systema; it is the trademark of the School.
Today, other arts, styles and methods are taught. Whether it is Martial Arts, Self Defence, Combatives, Combat sports, Combat Arts, Survival, Health or Fitness, Roots Dojo offers various programs to enrich the lives of those who seek to better learn to fight, protect, defend and heal.


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What students say




"Do yourself a favour and train at Roots Dojo! You must experience the training to understand and appreciate the innumerable benefits of this unique and exceptional school of warrior arts"

James Drake

James Drake


"The moment I set foot at Roots, I knew the training was going to be special. The instructors are great, people friendly, the other students welcoming and patient. The training in general seemed very genuine, but I mostly took part in the Systema classes, and the progressions we very thoughtful and special. The rainforest setting, the island life, Roots Dojo is class act! Will return for sure!"




"I've been trying to find something closer that compares. Roots wrecked it cuz nothing else even comes close to the challenge, realism and diversity of training."

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