Hello Dear friends

DSC_0396Yes here it is. Our new website is in the process of coming to life.  While under construction we ask you to be patient; but please take the time to come back and visit often as we  upload new material- new programs , new calendar, new community events and much more.
It is a great pleasure to always be growing and redefining ourselves.

Change and growth can often be difficult, but as we always say at Roots: “why will next year be any different than this year?”.

If we are looking at making changes, at growing from inside out, at developing ourselves under a new light, in a new skin, or body, we need to try, explore and experiment.

Having said that, there is no need to re-invent the wheel.  Many mistakes have been made in the past; not just by others, but by ourselves.  The question is: are we learning?
Be it Martial arts, or any other path we need to learn continuously, to keep the malleability of mind and spirit- along with a healthy body and outlook.

Such we try at Roots.
Please bare with us, the path to continual growth has many lessons along the way.

I think we are getting somewhere.



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