Martial Leadership Program

Roots Dojo offers the only Martial Art Leadership Program of its kind in North America which endows students with the tool necessary to LEAD, be it in time of crisis, at work,  when undertaking adventures, or even at home.


We specialize in creating LEADERS- individuals who gain confidence, management tools, communication, negotiation, martial art, self defence, combative and survival skills. We will impart health and fitness practices to manage overall stresses of daily life, but students will also learn weapon handling, team work, medical skills, protective skills, command system, and much more.

Students will learn about different style of leadership, to be used under different conditions, they will progressively be put in various situations where they get to put into practice much of the skills learnt.

Individual modules can be extremely challenging and difficult to some.  Our team of instructors, with their expertise are trained to accordingly guide students every step of the way.  However, the overall program is difficult and only students with strong character and leadership skills will graduate.

Not everybody chooses to graduate from the program- some will only complete modules that are of interest to them.  Certain individual courses will benefit from a certificate of accomplishment.

The program is made up of several requirements and modules. Depending on commitment and progress, it takes a the minimum 4 years to complete.

Students doing full body massage.

preparation for some ground work and wrestling! Some of our favourite!