On Skills and Attributes

On skills and Attributes.

I certainly could not take credit for the break down of these elements that make anyone good at anything.
It appears that good skills and positive attributes are essential to excelling in any field.
Skills can be taught but attributes need to be developed.
In martial arts, skills refer to the overall applicable knowledge, techniques and understanding displayed by the practitioner, such as proper footwork, breath control, different locks or throws.
Attributes are summed up as the ability to “dish out or receive a good beating”, in other words how seasoned are you? Can you function with your mouth covered and not freak out, how is you pain tolerance? can you function well if cold and hungry? Are you comfortable with hitting and striking someone? Can you find comfort in discomfort?

DSC_0378As another example, for a firefighter, skills are about understanding hose handling, nozzle control, recognizing thermal layer, understanding fire behaviour.  But attributes needed to be a good firefighter include, being able to deal with heat, being a team player, being fit, not being claustrophobic.

While skills are a lot easier to teach,  to develop attributes requires time, persistence, proper direction and work, lots and lots of hard work.

And then there is talent.
Talent unlike Skills and Attributes is not teachable. You either got it or you don’t.
Under proper guidance, any practitioner, without skill and attributes should be able to eventually come across as fully talented.
The difference is how much work, time, energy has been put in getting good at your practice.

At Roots we have the perfect conditions to help students develop   the necessary attributes.  Paralleling that we share knowledge and teach skills in a comprehensive manner.
The end result will be a transformative process that should allow you to tap into your real potential, and that will stay with you while alive.
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We have lots of interesting topics, so that you may gain skills and attributes- even if you are talented.