Where are you?!

Vali has seen a lot of students come and go, but there are always those who come here and just never leave..

Denman Island is located in the northwest corner of the Georgia Strait, and is one of the Northern Gulf Islands. It is approximately 2 1/2 hours north of Victoria, 1 hour north of Nanaimo, and 20 minutes south of Courtenay: actually very accessible.

A mixture of forest and farmland dominates the scenery. There are three provincial parks, and Downtown Denman consists of one general store (which includes a gas pump, government liquor outlet, and post office), hardware store, bookstore, craft stores, the Guest House Bistro, a cafe, three real estate offices, an insurance brokerage, a community hall, a library, a community school, a church, and a museum.  The Island also has a medical clinic and fire station.   There are various places visitors can stay: camping, hostelling, home-stays, and bnbs.

About 1,022 year-round residents call this place home. A very peaceful atmosphere, seemingly remote setting, and beautiful natural environment feed inspiration, whatever form that may be. The Island’s population is made up of farmers and growers, retired baby-boomers, artists, writers, craftspeople, and a laid-back collection of alternative types and young homesteaders from various origins*. Certainly for those who made an escape from the harriedness of the city, this island overflows with just the opposite, and creates a lot of space for keepin’ it real.

The rustic facilities of Roots Dojo are located in a rainforest setting, which will further enrich your experience. Depending on the time of year and conditions, we can include multiple challenges to training, such as long hikes, outdoors obstacle courses, water paddles to other destinations, survival scenarios, overnight camping/survival and much more.  The Island is generous, so we can make it easy and comfortable or as obnoxiously “wet, hungry, painful and cold” as we…I mean…you, want.

Denman is a very unique place to live and visit. The August Summer Masterclass or the February Fall Intensive are two upcoming opportunities to come over a stay a while. Training here with Roots Dojo, you can immerse yourself in island living, be it temporarily, or who knows, permanently. There’s a certain magic here. Come and see if you feel it too.

(* Wikipedia, unknown source, but one who said it so well, I couldn’t have put it better myself)