Taking the plunge

I dropped in to see one of Roots Instructors Brad to ask him about his approach for beginners. Because how can you attract new students given the certain mystique and intimidation that surrounds SYSTEMA.

“There is a heavy emphasis on working safely and slow enough to accommodate skill level. But the big thing is you have to come willing to push your boundaries. The challenge for the instructor is that everyone’s edge is very different. The physical, social, psychological.”  Really, that is one of the beautiful things about a Dojo, is that it brings people with completely diverse backgrounds together.

The things people rally around in the Dojo are common human necessities like health and values; a common desire to better themselves. Emmanuel of Fight Club Toronto put it slightly more bluntly… “a lot of people start SYSTEMA because they want to get into shape, their friends are in it, or they are simply just bored of themselves.” Oh yeah. I asked Vali why someone should start practicing: “Become the best version of yourself. The process allows you to ‘know yourself’ and later to ‘know for yourself’. Then there is the martial and self defense aspect to it.”

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