Just the tip

The tree towers above.  The trunk stands straight and proud.  The branches fight for space in the sun.  But the ROOTS!  Oh the roots! They anchor the plant and absorb water and soil nutrients.  Without them, the tree fails… unless you are an air plant… well luckily this is not a botanical newsletter.

When it comes to Systema, there are many kinds of Roots to explore, and this week’s tips are about the Roots of Passion (hence the slightly crude subject line).

Our friend Emmanuel of Fight Club Toronto recently posted this quote about the number one attribute all students should be developing when training.

“The number one thing is just to gain a passion for training. To love the grind, to love the frustration, to love the endless work. And if you get really good at Systema during the process… that’s cool too…”

Vali is driving and in the middle of some kind of operation.  I need to pick his brain once againHe takes literally two seconds to regroup and refocus his brain to Systema.  Speaking of passion…

As teachers our role is to inspire and somewhere in there is a line between inspiration and passion, if you know what I mean.

From a participant’s standpoint, you cannot not be passionate, you can’t force it, as ours is not exactly the most comfortable of practices and venues.  

You need something much bigger than that to keep you going.  For some people it’s personal growth or acquiring new skills.  But for those who have been on the path for a long time, it’s something deeper that resonates with the spirit.

Without passion, just like the tree without Roots, all will fall.  What lights you up about Systema?

Roots Dojo, out.