Getting poked.

Actually, we hope you don’t.  Hence training.  Will the winter internship cover knife work?

Why, yes. Thanks for asking. It will cover a lot of weapons..but nothing is as simple as just that.

What is a weapon? As a first layer we weaponize the body. Then we consider, not the specifics on any one weapon, but anything and everything as a weapon, be it a statue, a shirt, a bottle, or a machete. The saying goes something like: Be kind and respectful but always have a plan to kill everyone in the room. The idea, toned down slightly, is about learning deep awareness (as opposed to hyper vigilance) and being prepared to use anything at your disposal.

Specifically, when it comes to knife training, there are two facets. One, the knife is used as just another training tool to create stress for the student. Two, we teach some specific skills with respect to knives. First students need to learn to deal with the knife and only knife. Then, just the person not the knife. Eventually we bring the two together, but it is a very difficult and time-consuming process. All the while, the student must never believe they are some kind of knife-fighting hero, rather come to realize how dangerous knife fighting is.   The other thing is that you have to own these skills and maintain them, like any other aspect of training.

In more advanced practices, operators get familiar with the weapon system, and they may become very trained with one weapon. Maybe a knife. But, the point is, it’s a long road to a knife baby.