2018 Events

Because Vali and da wulf have disappeared to the hills, for lack of wise words of wisdom, I will take this opportunity to share our 2018 calendar.  Strictly business so to speak.  We all hope the pair reemerges in time for:

Roots Winter Internship: Feb 5th-May 5th

SYSTEMA Knife Defense: March 3rd, 12-4pm

Roots Bootcamp: April 7th, 12-4pm

Roots Spring Intensive with guest instructor Josafath Ferrera: April 30th-May 5th,

Professional Bodyguarding Course: May 7th-12th

SYSTEMA Health Practices: May 27th, 12-4pm

Shogun Challenge 2018: June 22nd-24th

Roots Summer Intensive with guest instructor: August

More events TBA


Retrain in the fundamentals of SYSTEMA: All January classes go back to the Roots.

Monday, Wednesday 9:30-11am

Thursday: 6-7:30pm

Friday: 8-9:30am


Please visit our website or Facebook page for more details and announcements.

We also have an Instagram feed, where you can expect a few words of wisdom, photos, and videos.  Look us up as JTFRoots.