The pebble in your shoe

Talking to a Roots student the other day, I was reminded of the saying “It’s not the mountain that will wear you down but the pebble in your shoe.”  We had been discussing what brought him to Roots from his home gym in Victoria. He replied, in more or less these words:

You know when you get one little pebble on your mat and you’re immediately inconvenienced.  The pebble is promptly removed.  In the absence of these kinds of nuisances, you become accustomed to training a certain way.  But the real world isn’t temperature controlled and lit with bright lights.  I don’t know any parking lots that come padded with mats.  It’s kind of like meditating in complete silence with incense versus trying to apply the same practice sitting by a busy school playground.

What makes Roots really unique is that Roots adds a real-world element to training.  The way you fall when training outside, for example, is totally different when there are hundreds of pebbles, plus potholes and branches.  And currently, snow.  Inside we train without mats and it’s often cold.  It can be physically very challenging and demanding- pretty raw- and a lot of it is based on the traditional form of training.  It really teaches you how to move and be comfortable without all the comforts.. 

To sum it all up in a few less words, as we like to say at Roots:

No frills. No nonsense.

(Speaking of which, registration is now open for our Spring Intensive: The Tactical Paradigm.)