The Myth of Violence

We asked Josafath Ferrera, our guest instructor for our upcoming Spring Intensive- Tactical Paradigm -to share a quick word about his upcoming training at Roots.


Words have power.

You can elevate an athlete or motivate a person with the proper words. But words misused, can destroy emotionally or even physically.

“Violence” is an overused and overrated word. Some instructors use this term as their dogma and even marketing tool. Wrongly, most people will accept of this word at face value and start a path that sounds, looks and feels good. However, a shallow understanding of this complex term will not lead the way to personal or professional growth.

Words create images in our mind and we act based on these images. As professionals, we need to put the RIGHT words in place to be ASSERTIVE. We need to do the right thing, for any specific situation, in the right time.

The first thing I share and teach in any course is to explain the risks of believing in the term ‘violence’. Furthermore, why we should not accept this word and use it as a principle for our behaviours. This will also be the starting point for the Tactical Paradigm at Roots Dojo.

I look forward to sharing my understanding of the word “violence”, its connotations and ramifications with all attendees of the Tactical Paradigm at RootsDojo.

See you all soon!



Tactical Paradigm, April 30-May 5, 2018.  Roots Dojo, Denman Island.