Post tactical thoughts

The path in the woods.  By: Josafath Herrera

My last visit to Roots Dojo was a connection of my own training with mother nature. Coming from one of the biggest cities in the world (27 million), my main concern of being on Denman was to be the lunch of a bear or a cougar. Funny how the crew of the zone laughs about it (it is ironic and confirmed to me that everybody has their own “specialization” depending on the zone they live and problems they need to resolve. Most people think in Mexico City as extremely dangerous, when the reality is safer than St. Louis or Chicago).

Vali has developed in his Dojo the perfect atmosphere and training areas to work on ALL areas of a warrior. Spiritual, physically and mentally. There are different areas for training everything you need for surviving skills, weapons, etc. His Dojo (built by him) is big and inside you can work in a perfect wood floor for all kinds of work. This is only in the MATERIAL area. In the TEACHING area, you can obtain so many skills with Vali as needed these days as a modern warrior. He is a fire officer and first responder in his town. He also runs his own security company and trains his own personel. Add to this that he has the knowledge to surviving in extreme weathers and land. Plus he has many years of Systema training in his backpack.

The seminar went smoothly because students were eager to learn. We covered a lot of physical control techniques and security topics. The mix of these topics and Systema let the students understand better about how to control people and what to avoid in themselves during situations.

Denman and Roots Dojo are definitely MANDATORY placess to visit if you want to understand more about the warrior path. Training all the time in a nice Dojo and outside in the forest make you be in your comfort zone (and simultaneously pushing the comfort zone).

I thank you Vali for all his efforts to make this seminar happen.  Indeed his school and hisbrotherhood are missed here in the loneliness of my city surrounded by 27 million persons. Hope to return soon to Denman and your school soon.   ~ Josafath Herrera.