Internship Testimonial

If you have ever wanted to accelerate your Systema skills, your strength and stamina, your ability to focus, and to overcome the limits of thoughts and the mind, all while getting stupidly strong, then the Roots Internship on Denman Island is for you. Under the professional and very skilled guidance and teachings of Vali Majd, you will push yourself beyond what might have seemed unreachable.

The Internship is tough beyond tough, and I would recommend having a good understanding of the basics of Systema as well as being in great physical and mental shape before attempting this feat of endurance. Even trying one of the five day intensives offered in the summer months can give you some preparation and insights into what it takes to take on a full Internship at Roots Dojo.

I had completed two 5-day intensives prior to my first internship at Roots. As a cyclist, I am no stranger to pushing my body and training 18 to 24 hours a week, yet what I experienced in the five day intensives was enough to make me nervous about what three months of Roots training could possibly look like! However, I had to try. The raw toughness and self-control I experienced when working with some of Vali’s longer-term students was enough to spike my interest and inspire me to sign up.

After the three months, I can honestly say I have transformed in ways that otherwise might have taken me years of training 1 to 2 times a week at most other Dojos. I learned how to work hard and even how to train through injuries safely. I was able to test and develop my physical abilities, strength, and endurance in ways I had never experienced before, and I now have countless new techniques and practices I can utilize to continue building up my fitness and mental toughness.

For me, it was a personal accomplishment filled with unbeatable benefits and new friendships. Thank you, Vali, for carrying on the Systema way of life – a truly ‘Roots’ way that is unlike any other!

Marty Machacek, Victoria BC