Winter Internship 2020

Join us for our yearly Winter Internship at Roots! Three months of solid, daily martial arts training. January 20-April 17, 2020.

Immerse yourself in one of the most complete and complex Warrior Arts programs. Based on Systema methodology, the Winter Internship at Roots is a tough program designed to challenge both seasoned veterans and those who are new to the Martial Path.

Over the three months we will look at a huge body of knowledge: martial skills, fighting, self-defence, grappling, ground work, health, fitness, team work, body guarding, incident management, first aid, conflict management and resolution, various weapons and much more.

You can do one week, one month or the whole thing! Check back for updates on the schedule.

Our team of dedicated instructors look forward to having you join us for this absolutely unique opportunity.

All this takes place at our one-of-a-kind training facility on a remote island in British Columbia!