Top 10 reasons you need Roots in your life:

We said:

  1. You’re big and strong, but need to develop flexibility and freedom of movement.
  2. You’re small and weak, and need to build strength, courage, and power.
  3. You want to broaden your understanding of conflict and violence beyond the confines of sport martial arts.
  4. You are ready to meet new, like-minded people that are interested warrior arts and culture.
  5. Your brain feels like its frying and you need to unplug and enjoy small island life for a while.
  6. You’re walking to work, and think to yourself: “I want to gain a broad range of skills along the complete spectrum of reality-based training.”
  7. You want to reinvent yourself some and tap into more of your potential as a human.
  8. Your neurological, spiritual, emotional, and physical systems could use rewiring.
  9. You’re sick of your monotonous lifestyle and want to shake things up and try something different.
  10. You’ve been thinking about it for years, spend hours watching Systema Youtube videos, and are finally coming to the realization that maybe it’s time to try it.

You said:

#11- You envision yourself in the future being a more rounded focused human and just need that extra guidance and focus to be that person.
#11- You want to live where you want to live, be around people you want to be around and do what you want to do, and Roots is great example of this.
#11- 😁To feel a difference between learning, from a different point of view, different ideas, stimuli to work/train.
#11- Your partner doesn’t let you throw knives in the kitchen.
#11- You want to balance your nervous system so to not be swayed by all the folly around you, but to move by your own choice and grounded will.
#11- You’ve heard about Vali spending hours in the one handed push up position whilst simultaneously programming his computer and you just have to see it for yourself.
#11- To learn humility…wisdom..and how NOT to fight.
#11- You were somewhere around Barstow, on the edge of the desert, when the drugs began to take hold.
#11- No one in your family wants to wrestle you… in the forest at night.
#11- You want to heal old trauma without saying a word.
#11- Systema is a transformative method of performance psychology that aligns mind, body and spirit through traditional and modern techniques, and is equally applicable to the board-room and the battlefield and anywhere in between.
#11- You have nowhere else to go to get kicked, punched and choked before your massage.
#11- All the martial arts your doing seem too much like sports.
#11- You forgot how to breathe properly (or were never taught).
#11- You just have to meet Vali Majd.
#11- Because you want to turn your activity into action and go from being a soldier to becoming the King/Queen!!
#11- Because by reading #1 through#10 you still have no idea what Systema really is but you are intrigued and learning the perspective of something new only seems like a good thing… plus the privilege to walk around with one of the coolest logo’s on the planet.
#11- You want to learn to use breath to strengthen, calm, let go, endure, relax, go harder, and improve your human experience.
#11- You want to grow self awareness and explore healthy aggression( and move/release it) so you don’t use your girlfriend as your therapist . 😉
#11- Now you know it exists. It’s out there, and maybe it scares you a bit, but you can’t pretend you don’t know… so now you need to go.
#11- It’s just cool.
#11- You want to be be harder to kill and more useful in general.
#11- It helps you reach your inner core to find peace, strength and focus.
#11- You want to challenge yourself to your physical ant psychological limits.