Return to the Wrestle

Know then that the art of wrestling is accepted and praised by kings and sultans and, that of those who practice it, most are pure and righteous.  – Waez-E Kashefi This whole COVID thing has been tough.  When you can’t even go within six feet of someone, wrestling is certainly out.  In the past 23-25[…]

Top 10 reasons you need Roots in your life:

We said: You’re big and strong, but need to develop flexibility and freedom of movement. You’re small and weak, and need to build strength, courage, and power. You want to broaden your understanding of conflict and violence beyond the confines of sport martial arts. You are ready to meet new, like-minded people that are interested[…]

Stirring the pot

We knew it would be slightly controversial posting this video.  If you can’t see the link, it features one of our drills where several people are hitting and pushing one female student in the middle of a circle.  It took some time, but eventually the comment we had been waiting for surfaced. “Wow! Are you[…]

Will you survive?

There is one integral component of Systema methodology that has lost a lot of meaning over time, but is making a furious come back as it has tremendous merits for the warrior’s path: In these times of extreme sedentarism, technological reliance and screen addictions, nature-based interaction is more vital than ever. From a curriculum perspective, when we[…]

Deep Mastery

By: Emmanuel Manolakakis You become a ‘master’ through deliberate and purposeful practice over a long period with focused effort plus deep understanding of principles encoding strong mental representations into one’s trained physiology to activate the human potential to improve performance.. As long as they train in the right way, seek coaching feedback to identify weaknesses[…]

Winter Internship 2020

Join us for our yearly Winter Internship at Roots! Three months of solid, daily martial arts training. January 20-April 17, 2020. Immerse yourself in one of the most complete and complex Warrior Arts programs. Based on Systema methodology, the Winter Internship at Roots is a tough program designed to challenge both seasoned veterans and those[…]

Fall Intensive Sept 24-28

We had a question from a student about how best to prepare for training at the upcoming Intensive (or Internship) at Roots. Thought we could answer it here. First and foremost we have to look at the end goals of each program and be clear that what you get after 5 days and 3 months[…]

Internship Testimonial

If you have ever wanted to accelerate your Systema skills, your strength and stamina, your ability to focus, and to overcome the limits of thoughts and the mind, all while getting stupidly strong, then the Roots Internship on Denman Island is for you. Under the professional and very skilled guidance and teachings of Vali Majd, you[…]

Character development

One of the interesting and alluring aspects of Systema is its no-nonsense nature. No belts, no uniforms, no rituals. Hard training. Practical. Efficient. All sorts of things people fail to find in other traditional arts. But after 20 years of teaching Systema, it is easy to come around to appreciate why so many of the[…]