2018 Events

Because Vali and da wulf have disappeared to the hills, for lack of wise words of wisdom, I will take this opportunity to share our 2018 calendar.  Strictly business so to speak.  We all hope the pair reemerges in time for: Roots Winter Internship: Feb 5th-May 5th SYSTEMA Knife Defense: March 3rd, 12-4pm Roots Bootcamp:[…]

PJs vs Push-ups

It’s 8am, dark, and sleeting.  I’m cozy in my pjs and my fire is going.  However, the inevitable is that I need to get out of this comfortable bliss and out “there”.  I think of those who are, in fact, already training.   When I get to Roots, I have a question about motivation.  The[…]

Getting poked.

Actually, we hope you don’t.  Hence training.  Will the winter internship cover knife work? Why, yes. Thanks for asking. It will cover a lot of weapons..but nothing is as simple as just that. What is a weapon? As a first layer we weaponize the body. Then we consider, not the specifics on any one weapon,[…]

Just the tip

The tree towers above.  The trunk stands straight and proud.  The branches fight for space in the sun.  But the ROOTS!  Oh the roots! They anchor the plant and absorb water and soil nutrients.  Without them, the tree fails… unless you are an air plant… well luckily this is not a botanical newsletter. When it[…]

Teaching situational awareness to kids

This guest post from our friend Emmanuel Manolakakis of Fight Club Toronto. — Halloween is here.  This is a great time to talk situational awareness or as its more commonly known as “street safety & smarts”. I’ve met and talked with countless soldiers and law enforcement professionals over the years and I’ve noticed that they[…]

Taking the plunge

I dropped in to see one of Roots Instructors Brad to ask him about his approach for beginners. Because how can you attract new students given the certain mystique and intimidation that surrounds SYSTEMA. “There is a heavy emphasis on working safely and slow enough to accommodate skill level. But the big thing is you[…]


..it. I came across a TEDx talk on “GRIT: The power of passion and perseverance”. In it, Angela Lee Ducksworth discusses the concept of grit as the biggest predictor for success, as opposed to other characteristics like IQ for example. In other words, those who possess it -grit- will be more ‘successful’ at whatever it[…]