The Myth of Violence

We asked Josafath Ferrera, our guest instructor for our upcoming Spring Intensive- Tactical Paradigm -to share a quick word about his upcoming training at Roots. *** Words have power. You can elevate an athlete or motivate a person with the proper words. But words misused, can destroy emotionally or even physically. “Violence” is an overused[…]

The pebble in your shoe

Talking to a Roots student the other day, I was reminded of the saying “It’s not the mountain that will wear you down but the pebble in your shoe.”  We had been discussing what brought him to Roots from his home gym in Victoria. He replied, in more or less these words: You know when[…]

Get over your reptilian brain

The ‘reptilian brain’ acts like a filter to our more modern and advanced cognitive brain functions: anything that needs to be assessed, examined, and analyzed, needs to go through the reptilian brain first. Only when that brain approves can it move further. Basically, appease your reptilian brain or there is no room for negotiation. It[…]

The Roots of Violence

Violence.  Noun. Defined by the World Health Organization as “the intentional use of physical force or power, threatened or actual, against oneself, another person, or against a group or community, which either results in or has a high likelihood of resulting in injury, death, psychological harm, maldevelopment, or deprivation.”  So when we say martial arts,[…]

2018 Events

Because Vali and da wulf have disappeared to the hills, for lack of wise words of wisdom, I will take this opportunity to share our 2018 calendar.  Strictly business so to speak.  We all hope the pair reemerges in time for: Roots Winter Internship: Feb 5th-May 5th SYSTEMA Knife Defense: March 3rd, 12-4pm Roots Bootcamp:[…]

PJs vs Push-ups

It’s 8am, dark, and sleeting.  I’m cozy in my pjs and my fire is going.  However, the inevitable is that I need to get out of this comfortable bliss and out “there”.  I think of those who are, in fact, already training.   When I get to Roots, I have a question about motivation.  The[…]

Getting poked.

Actually, we hope you don’t.  Hence training.  Will the winter internship cover knife work? Why, yes. Thanks for asking. It will cover a lot of weapons..but nothing is as simple as just that. What is a weapon? As a first layer we weaponize the body. Then we consider, not the specifics on any one weapon,[…]

Just the tip

The tree towers above.  The trunk stands straight and proud.  The branches fight for space in the sun.  But the ROOTS!  Oh the roots! They anchor the plant and absorb water and soil nutrients.  Without them, the tree fails… unless you are an air plant… well luckily this is not a botanical newsletter. When it[…]