On Skills and Attributes

On skills and Attributes. I certainly could not take credit for the break down of these elements that make anyone good at anything. It appears that good skills and positive attributes are essential to excelling in any field. Skills can be taught but attributes need to be developed. In martial arts, skills refer to the[…]

Martial Leadership Program

Roots Dojo offers the only Martial Art Leadership Program of its kind in North America which endows students with the tool necessary to LEAD, be it in time of crisis, at work,  when undertaking adventures, or even at home. We specialize in creating LEADERS- individuals who gain confidence, management tools, communication, negotiation, martial art, self[…]

A message From Emmanuel Manolokakis

I would like to thank Vali for having me come out to Roots Dojo in Denman Island, British Columbia. I greatly appreciate his hospitality, opening his school up to me, and having me teach Systema to them. The seminar went great, student were very dedicated, they were attentive, and they were very interested in understanding[…]