Combatives embodies the distilled essence of martial arts, focusing unwaveringly on the science of combat, and at Roots specifically close quarter combat. Stripped of embellishments, it is the art of instinctual survival and calculated aggression, honed for real-world confrontations. Comprising a pragmatic blend of principles and techniques culled from various disciplines, combatives sharpens the body into a resilient weapon and the mind into a tactical compass. It is the study of efficient and ruthless engagement, acknowledging no rules beyond the imperative to emerge unscathed. In the crucible of combatives, raw physicality converges with strategic acumen to forge a potent methodology for those who value efficacy above all else.

It is important to note that most students of combatives have a strong foundation in some sort of martial arts, have baseline fitness capabilities and are able to demonstrate strong character. 

Roots Dojo instructors continuously seek to further their understanding and abilities to learn, teach and share valuable components regardless of their cultural, geographic or ethnic backgrounds.