December 2, 2015

Our Programs


Roots Dojo offers some of the most unique programs worldwide.

To start off, our Martial Art of choice is by far one of the most unique methods available to Man. Systema, as taught by our schools is renowned for its effectiveness in combat and self-defence situations- but it is much more than that…

Our programs are designed to reflect to overall depth and broadness of what Systema is; they are also designed to match different levels of intensity sought by practitioners.

We offer 3 month long programs (Internships), 14 day long Martial experience, week-long Intensives, of weekend seminars on a variety of topics.

Our very unique, unmatched and unrivalled Martial Leadership Program extends over a multitude of years and resembles more military style training than anything else. Roots Dojo is the only school in North America offering this caliber of training.

We are always looking at expanding and further developing interesting and beneficial programs designed to share skills, attributes and understanding of the way of the Warrior.

We hope to have you join us for any of our program that may be of interest to you.