November 24, 2015


Systema Intensives

Next: 2019 Roots Summer Intensive with Vali Majd & Emmanuel Manolakakis August 21-25, 2019

We are very happy to have Emmanuel Manolokakis join us at Roots Dojo for the third time. Emmanuel brings a wealth of insights, knowledge and perspective to the martial path. After 25 years of practice, built on a foundation of contact and performance-based sports, coupled with years of teaching and running Toronto’s renowned Fight-Club, Emmanuel will join us to guide you further on your journey.

While all martial artist would greatly benefit and find this training of interest, it is geared towards seasoned Systema practitioners. Those of you who have been pushing hard, and diligently learning kicks, punches and take downs, you may wonder, what next?

2 days with Vali, 3 days with Emmanuel.

Register now for the full 5 days or just the weekend.

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Roots Dojo’s Systema Intensives have become a trademark of Systema education.

Entering our 8th year of offering this unique opportunity to push further, to better understand both your potentials and the fascinating art that Systema is, we hope to enable students worldwide to join us on this adventure.

Under the guidance of our Instructors you will be exposed to the vastness of Systema.

You will explore all the basics of systema, including Form, Relaxation, Movement and Breath.
Further you will learn about (but not limited to):

-Take Downs
-Punches, Kicks and Strikes
-Ground Work, Wrestling and Grappling
-Psychological Development
-Proper Falls and Rolls
-Multiple Opponents
-Weapons DefenceDSC_0239
-Systema Health Practices
-Systema Strategies and Tactics
-Explore “Natural Movement” and “Freedom of Movement”
-How to retain proper Form using Relaxation, Structure, Movement and Breath
-Incredible Intuition building Exercises
-Develop core and overall, strength and power
-Explore Basics of Close-Protection Work
-And much more.

5 days in a row, 6 hours per day.  No frills No Non-sense.