November 25, 2015


Next Internship:  January 18-April 18, 2021


Internship Options

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Roots Dojo Internships are the backbone of our success.

Our internships are tough and difficult programs, running anywhere from one to three months, participants will be exposed to a variety of topics that encompass the martial path.

We attract students worldwide, who choose to come to Roots Dojo to submerge themselves in deep Martial training and the Warrior Arts.  The internship is made up of numerous training modules and requirements.


Not everybody chooses to complete the full month program- you are welcome to come and join us for one week, or one day- or however long works for you.

The curriculum of our internship is demanding are requires students to focus and commit to training beyond the regular classes. The program is customized for each student to address their specific needs. This ensures accelerated progress, assuming diligent training on behalf of participants.

It is a full immersion into the world of Systema as taught by Vali Majd, and the Roots Team.  This is a complete program where students learn to embody all the Systema principles. But the training does not end there; we will cover weapons work- including pistol, knife & stick- lots of ground work, multiple opponent, medical scenarios, protective work, knot making, survival, rope climbing, fear control, intuition development, health and fitness, massage, communication skills, Systema professional applications and much more.  There will also be plenty of outdoor training time, so get ready to get dirty!

The day is usually broken into a guided class in the morning and one in the afternoon.  Students are expected to work on certain aspects of their training- be it knife throwing or breath work.  There is also plenty of down time for rest and recovery in a unique setting.

During the first week, the students are assessed, interviewed and clear objectives are created. Along with  a simple blueprint will crafted with specific milestones to be met.

Your Systema skills will improve; every week you will see improvement  and gain more insights, understanding and abilities.

Really, everybody owes it to themselves.

Vali Majd and the Roots Team welcome you to join us for a life changing experience on our beautiful Island.  Gain skills, train, learn to fight, defend, survive and lead.  One day at a time.