December 1, 2015

Shogun Challenge

Shogun Challenge

So you think you can do it? 48 hours of non-stop challenges. Based on the brutal training of special forces. If you succeed, you will be a new person. There is no bowing out of challenges or drills but you can always quit…

The Shogun Challenge has been specifically crafted by combining several approaches used by Elite Special Operation units worldwide to help individuals looking to push limits and discover means to reach full potentiality of their humanity.The program  runs in the warmer months of Canada’s rugged west coast, where our school and training facilities are located.  Starting on a friday mid-day, the challenge continues non-stop until Sunday mid-day.  Little rest, little food.

Specifically designed to break participants, using proven methods, the challenge’s format will further allow participants to tap into their depths and draw from all their systems- physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual.

If you are into extreme sports or adventures or thinking of participating in difficult and challenging undertakings or simply looking at re-creating yourself in a new light, the Shogun Challenge will deliver.

We will stimulate and if you allow it, overwhelm all your senses. We will create to conditions for you to feel sorry for yourself. You will want to quit, to give up, to make up excuses… but will you?

The Shogun Challenge is not designed for your average individual. Participants must already be fit, healthy and have good disposition.
You will need a clean bill of health issued by a General Practitioner prior to joining us. You must also be drug-free- there will be no coffee or cigarettes permitted; please do not use this challenge to try to overcome your habits.

So, do you think you are up for this unique program?  Contact us and we will send you more information to see if you would qualify.