October 17, 2019

Team Building

Whether for improved “esprit de corps”, bonding, or re-creating hierarchy, our years of Team Building experience will help you achieve your results.

While we can create these conditions at your facilities, very little can compare to sending members of your organization to our remote facilities for a unique team building experience.

Located on Denman Island, BC, our rustic facilities deep in a rainforest setting will further enrich the experience.

Depending on time limitations and overall goals, our team will customize every step of your plan to ensure the results you desire. We can make it as difficult or easy, as comfortable or obnoxiously “wet, hungry, painful and cold”.

Depending on the time of year, and conditions we can include multiple challenges, such as long hikes involving log or tire carries, obstacle course, water paddles to other destinations, martial arts and self-defence, survival scenarios, medical training, overnight camping/surviving and much more.  We can also include elements of span of control, and command system (to establish hierarchy).

We can also make our programs very inclusive, non-physical but yet very challenging.

While these services are sought after by various governmental organizations,  corporate offices nationwide seem to recognize the value of such an experience.

We can make this experience a difficult and challenging endeavour which  will be remembered for the rest of their careers (and lives!).  We can create conditions that will force your teams to work together, to persevere and troubleshoot.  They will be guided as necessary by our team leaders, to ensure safety and positiveness.

You can choose the living conditions, such as luxury B&Bs, youth hostels, camping or “roughing it out” to further define the experience.  We will assist you every step of the way to make sure the overall results sought match the plan.

Many different organizations have benefitted from our Team Building services.  The corporate world, sports team, youth-at-risk organizations, schools, and various government agencies are but a few that  greatly enjoy this very unique service.

For more information please contact us today.