Our Intensives have become a trademark of tough, demanding, rigorous Systema training. With a focus on Systema principles, participants will study and explore the various elements that make systema such a powerful martial operating system. Regardless of the level of martial experience, each student will find plenty of challenges to overcome, while discovering and learning a depth of skill imparted in a unique way.

The training is broken down into 2 x 3 hour sessions for 5 days in a row, allowing for just enough down time to recover before the next challenging session.

If you have wondered about Systema, and wish to get a real good taste of it, our Roots Dojo Systema Intensives are a great way to go about them.

Topics Covered will include, but not limited to:

    • 4 Systema Principles- Breathing, Relaxation, Form and Movement.

    • Rigorous calisthenics, based in Slavic Martial Traditions.

    • Rolls, and various ways of moving on the ground.

    • Strikes, kicks, and punches.

    • Defence themselves against various attacks.

    • Defence against chokes.

    • Takedowns.

    • Basics of Knife and Stick Defence.

    • Fundamentals of Ground Fighting.

    • Work against multiple opponents.

      Space strictly limited.

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Date: May 6th -10th, 2024
Cost: $525

E-transfer $200 non-refundable deposit to rootsdojo@gmail.com to reserve your spot!
Remainder due prior to start of event.

Food and Accommodation are not included.

Location: Roots Dojo, Denman Island BC, Canada