Self-defence is the capacity to protect oneself on all levels, mentally, physically, emotionally, and physically within a specific legal framework.

The first step in protecting your loved ones is to know how to protect yourself.

In our in-depth self-defence programs, students learn to understand the legalities involved with personal protection, use of force, and gain insights as to how to best protect themselves. Topics such as threat assessment, psychology of violence, predatory psychology are key elements of our programs.

Hands-on training are staples of some of our programs, but we understand violence better than most, given our professional background and believe that a “little bit bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing”. Lets face it, a handful of hands-on techniques taught over a weekend to a 120lbs individual will rarely be sufficient to save you from an assault from a 200lbs, violent, high and resolved perpetrator.

Becoming comfortable dealing with aggressive people is key to maintaining critical thinking under duress. Equipping yourself with strong communication skills- verbal and non-verbal, posture, situational awareness are all part of the equation.

Becoming competent at identifying threats (early threat recognition) and positioning one-self out of harms way is the higher form of self defence. 

Awareness and tactics supersedes strength and techniques.

People don’t just drop out of the sky and start beating on you.

Join us in our self defence programs today to breathe easy in face of the unpredictability of the Human factor!