Roots Dojo’s Internships are renowned as a hallmark of tough, well rounded Martial training- encompassing, personal development, self defence, fighting skills, health and fitness, combatives, weapons, first aid, stress inoculation and much more!

The full program is 3 months long- however some may choose to take part in one week, one month or part of the whole program.

Training takes place twice a day, 5 days a week. Guided classes are 1.5 hours long with Roots Dojo founder, Vali Majd and his senior instructors.

This is not a program for the faint of heart. The curriculum is loaded, and based heavily in Systema methodology.

The program will touch on the various aspects of the Martial Path:
The Arts, The Combat, The Self Defence, Personal Development, Health, Healing, Fitness and Wellbeing.

Other elements, such as Team Work, Weapons, Close protection, Multiple Opponents are built into this vast program.

All systems encompassing human abilities (physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual) will be challenged, and in most cases, reinvented in a more healthy and powerful way.

So whether you are new to martial arts, or a seasoned and are looking to smoothening and broadening your portfolio, this incredibly unique program will undoubtedly bring you face to face with growth inducing challenges.

Of course, those who commit to the full 3 month program will benefit the most from the training.

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2024 Internship: February 12 – May 10
Cost: $3000/ 3 months, $1200/ 1 month, $400/ 1 week.

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Food and lodging are student’s responsibility.