Roots Dojo’s Internships are renowned as a hallmark of tough, well rounded Martial training- encompassing, personal development, self defence, fighting skills, health and fitness, combatives, weapons, first aid, stress inoculation and much more!

The full program is 3 months long- however some may choose to take part in one week, one month or part of the whole program.

Training takes place twice a day, 5 days a week. Guided classes are 1.5 hours long with Roots Dojo founder, Vali Majd and his senior instructors.

This is not a program for the faint of heart. The curriculum is loaded, and based heavily in Systema methodology.

For now, please mark your calendars- we will advise when the application process starts.

Next Internship: February 12 – May 11, 2024
Cost: $3000/ 3 months, $1200/ 1 month, $400/ 1 week.

Registration opens september 15th

Food and lodging are student’s responsibility.